Too Many Clothes? What I Did


Packing for our upcoming adventure was both exciting and frustrating. Even though I regularly go through my closet(s) and only keep the things I actually like and wear, the thought of having to pack everything up into suitcases was a bit overwhelming and frankly impossible unless I wanted to make the plane go down with my excess baggage!

So what did I do instead? I am sharing with you here the three things that I can recommend if you are also moving or spring cleaning or simply wanting to make some space in your closet. Along the way you can help both your wallet and also others around you. Start off with pulling the items that you cannot live without, have spent a lot of money on and most importantly, have worn in the last year; this will create your “keep” pile. Everything else you can sort in the following ways:


One / Consign – Find a local consignment store in your city that you trust and that shares your style. Set up an appointment to work out all the details and you may be surprised the other pieces you can find for yourself while dropping off your own items. That is the great thing: making room for new pieces is so easy this way and also very easy to justify to yourself! The money you make is perfect to re-invest into new pieces!

Two / Donate – Pick a donation centre in your city or a charity that you feel strongly connected to. I like to donate to the Women’s Shelter here in Downtown Calgary. I feel it is like giving back a little piece and hope that this can help some women in their future. My closet was full of things that I rarely wore but were still in very good condition, and these pieces went straight to the donation bin. Maybe my hardly used blazer will help a woman in need land her next job!

Three / Store – There are pieces I love and could never get rid of, so these should be seasonal items from your “keep” pile. These could be investment pieces, designer items or just things that are hard to find or have sentimental value. As I mostly took my summer wardrobe with me to Europe, my more ‘wintery’ items were packed up and put into storage. All coats went on sturdy hangars and are currently living in garment bags; all sweaters neatly folded in tissue paper and sitting in my old boot boxes. I am super excited to open this in a few months and re-discover the pieces I left!


If you feel like a little spring cleaning in your closet or are moving or going on an extended trip, I hope you got some ideas on what to do with all your clothes. Now, its ‘happy organizing’ and for me… as in being happy with two suitcases for our adventure!

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