Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte




I received this as a gift from my husband on the day of our wedding and I was excited to try it out. My experience with the Rouge Velvet Matte Christian Louboutin Charme lipstick – which I tested through lunch and a coffee date – has been refreshingly amazing. The steep price tag of this lipstick (which doubles as a necklace) kept me wondering if it will hold up in #InRealLife. The super high pigmentation of the colour just requires one coat application and will last up to five hours of sipping your lattes! It isnt hydrating, so make sure to give your lips some love before using this lipstick (comparable to a Chanel lipstick). The simple matte colour is definitely the new favourite RED in my beauty case! Would I recommend this to a friend? – Definitely YES.

For those of you who aren’t running to drop $100+ on a single lipstick but still like to achieve a gorgeous classic red lip, I recommend Gabrielle #19 by Chanel.

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