Real Talk: The Eight Important Lessons I Have Learnt In The Last Year

MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal


Whenever I am on vacation or traveling to a new cit for a project, the inspiration just never seems to stop! A new place can really open your eyes and mind for new ideas, food for thought and the encouragement needed to make a real change. All of my travels over the last year have been so amazing and unforgettable, and even though one of the goals for moving to Europe was not met, I have made life-changing experiences along the way.

Today, I am sharing eight things I have learned from this past year, in this particular chapter of my life: being away from family, in a brand new city and in a country that I call home.

- one -

Remember that life is short and if you want to do something (anything!), you have to simply just do it! Do not let money or time get in the way. Work towards your goal and do it.

- two -

Planning is everything! Planning not only makes your life more organised, but it also prevents stressful situations, agreements with your partner and SAVES YOU MONEY!

MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal

- three -

Value your true friends! Distance and time has shown me who my true friends are and while this experience was painful (seeing who doesn't care enough), it is also a great thing to see who are the people who deserve your time.

- four -

Your partner is your home. When moving to a brand new place and not knowing anyone, it can be difficult and unknown. For me, my husband is my home, no matter where we travel or where we are, as long as he is with me I am content and feel at home. Surround your self with others - someone or maybe something - that makes you feel this way.

- five -

Things are just things! Moving from a three story townhouse in Canada into a studio apartment in Berlin (with two suitcases each!) really made me realise that things are only things.

MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal
MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal
MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal
MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal

- six -

Travel far and more! This is something I may have been judged for in the last few months; we really travelled somewhere new every few weeks! In Europe the opportunities are endless and inexpensive. Travelling to countries like Bulgaria or Portugal has truly given me a better understanding of peoples' lives, backgrounds and actions. I am proud of that and really try to get to know the locals as much as possible.

- seven -

Document it! I am so happy that taking pictures and video is so easy now. Travelling so much also made me want to start my YouTube Channel because I felt like these experiences need to be shared with more people. And the response I have gotten so far has been incredible. If you haven't subscribed, have a look, I promise you will not be disappointed.

MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal
MON MODE / Fashion Blogger / Denim Culottes / Lisbon, Portugal

- eight -

Establish the things that make you truly happy! When we first arrived in Berlin, I had some time to think about the things that actually make me happy. Yoga, travelling, fashion and of course blogging! I incorporate them into my life as much as possible.

These are only a handful of the lessons that that I have learnt and experienced in the past year and a YouTube video will follow where I will go into more detail. A new chapter is ahead of me and @endoxist, and will be revealed soon!




  1. April 20, 2017 / 7:59 AM

    Thank you for this post!! I left Calgary about 6 months ago and moved to Europe and I can honestly say I relate to each and every one these. Its hard to find people who really know what its like, and can relate to the experience, so it was such a nice read for me 🙂

    All the best to you in this next year!! xoxo

    • May 26, 2017 / 12:59 PM

      Jill – how cool is it that we share such a similar experience? This is one of the main reasons I love blogging – it connects us to the world in such amazing ways. I hope that your move from Calgary to Europe was everything you hoped for. I am glad you enjoyed the read, I loved putting together this article. Lets stay in touch <3