Preparing For Mother’s Day

As the day of appreciation for our mothers is fast approaching, I want to remind you to get on getting that very special gift sorted. I like to splurge on my mom (especially on Mother’s Day), because I know that even now that I am an adult, my mom still thinks about me often, worries about me lots and would do anything for me – and for that I am truly grateful. Some might say these are “Hallmark-created” holidays, but it truly allows me a chance to demonstrate my appreciation and my love for all that my mother does for me. Along with flowers and a home made cake, I have hand-picked a few special items that I am considering to surprise my mom with. Maybe it will be a book from her favourite author, or a candle with a special scent or maybe even something that she would never buy for herself. That is the beauty of gift giving – you get to hold someone’s surprise and excitement (and potential good cheer) in your hands, wrap it up, and let them unwrap it! Have a browse at my pull and let me know what you will be getting to say ‘I Love You’ to your mom!


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