The Parisian Courtyard





Perhaps one of the most recognizable addresses in the world, the famous apartment of Gabriel Coco Chanel, which now serves as the global flagship boutique of the brand after her namesake, is a site to marvel, and an experience to soak in. We have been to this boutique a handful of times, and every single time, we are genuinely surprised at the high level of service, the precise attention to detail, and the unbelievable selection of the carefully curated Chanel collections (thanks for that, Uncle Karl!).

Walking away from this specific boutique, we are often inspired to apply this same level of craftsmanship, service, quality and pride to our own craft. Its shocking where in the world, and under what circumstances, one can be inspired.

Inspiration is also a very good excuse to continue to frequent this luxury boutique on Rue Cambon. Lets continue to help the economy under any pre-tense, shall we?

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