Palais Royal Paris Enchanted







Palais Royal in central Paris, probably one of the most “Instagrammed” spots in the city and truly to us, an enchanted and beautiful gem. A bit tricky to find, but so worth the search, Palais Royal and its art creation is so interesting to look at and incredibly photogenic. We were lucky enough to have picked up a few things from a Boulangerie close by and enjoyed a beautiful lunch sitting on the columns. The space was not very busy at all, and the seating arrangement from a Fashion Show from the day before were just being taken down. Aside from some noise (from the deconstruction) the space was nearly empty – perfect for some great shots.

Even though this place was on the list to visit in Paris, I didn’t know much about it. Now, having done some research, the art work makes more sense:

“Buren’s work takes the form of a conceptual grid imposed on the courtyard, whose intersections are marked by candy-striped black-and-white columns of different heights poking up from the courtyard’s floor like sticks of seaside rock. … In one sense the installation can be read as an exploration of the perception and intellectual projection of space.”

Paris has so many things to offer, and always something new to see. Unlike other cities, which just have their main attractions, Paris offers hidden gems and treasures behind each corner, and after each turn. Just like Palais Royal with this amazing courtyard, and a huge park next to it where Parisians and tourists relax by the fountain. I cannot wait to be back in Paris to discover more of its beauty. What is your favorite spot in the city of Love?

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Top: Topshop (similar here)
Pants: Primark (Similar here)
Shoes: Zara (here)
Bag: Chanel (here)
Sunnies: Quay Australia (here)