My Skincare Routine


A beauty routine is an ever evolving scheme. There are always new products on the market, better ingredients founds and trends established. One of the newest trends is the direction of natural and organic products, which I love. I believe, that the cremes and products we put on our skin has the same effect on our bodies as the food we put into our mouths. I believe that a combination of products works best for me. Now, the following steps will walk you through a day of skincare and beauty:



Washing my face with ice cold water wakes me up and increases circulation, which gives you those rosy cheeks. I then apply a rich hydration creme and eye creme and let my skin absorb the product. I always look for a creme with SPF and if there is only SPF 15, I apply extra sunscreen (50). I am wildly afraid of sun spots and even though this sounds funny. After getting my first sun spot in Mexcico two years ago (although wearing sun screen and a hat) I have become much more careful. It took many bleaching cremes and a few mircodermabration treatments to get rid of it. So spare you the hassle and hide from the sun mid-day when you are in tropical places! Sipping a cocktail in the shade is just as fun.


I always have some eye creme, lip balm, concealer and some pressed power in my bag! I have combination skin so a bit of shine needs to be fought with anti-shine paper and a dust of powder. On super dry days I like to apply some eye creme to avoid itchiness around the eyes.


I have experimented with different cleansing routine and this is what works for me best right now. I wash my face with a gentle gel cleanser and warm water. I move from my chin upwards in circular motion to ensure the pores are cleaned properly. Then I follow with a toner, but leave my eye area, which is later cleansed with a creme eye makeup remover. Now I spray a hydration mist all over my face and let my skin absorb the moisture. Following this is a deeply hydrating creme and eye creme. When my skin needs some extra love I apply some facial oil over the hydrating creme, eye creme and lip balm. Voila you will also wake up with baby soft skin!





Once or twice a week I first exfoliate my skin and apply a mask right after. I wash my face with extra warm water to make sure my pores are open and can absorb the mask as best as possible. At the same time I use an eye mask, I prefer the much raved about eye pad masks. I feel that these pads act as a more intense eye treatment than simply applying eye creme. My favorite are the Shiseido from My favorite masks are Kiehl’s Overnight Hydrating Masks and Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask.



I am not a skincare expert by any means but I have tried many things and these are the products I have stuck with. I will be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.

An article chatting about my beauty/make-up routine will be coming to KC soon!

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