Lipstick Love


For me, I have found that lip colour is a way of making me feel put together and even more classy. It is that little finishing touch that I always make sure I have time to do before leaving the house. I have been experimenting with many brands over the past few years, and of course, they all have their pros and cons. While one is more hydrating than the other, the next one has better pigmented and lasts 12+ hours. Today, I am sharing my top three brands with you!


1. Yves Saint Laurent

YSL I specifically love for its creamy texture, but great color intensity. It is like a lip balm on your lips, extremely hydrating and does not compromise its colors. The lid of the YSL lipstick also has a small mirror, which has come in handy more than a hand full of times for me!


2. Mac Cosmetics

I love MAC for their endless choices of colors and when you are looking for that specific hue. Medium hydration but excellent pigmentation is what I like about MAC. There are always new amazing colors, so life does not get boring with MAC.


3. Chanel

Of course, my love for Chanel makeup will always be there. Especially the Rouge collection is one of my favorites. “Jean” also ended up being the lip color I choose for my wedding day (linked below). It is a beautiful purple with cold undertones, which makes my eyes pop!


#MonModeBeautyTip: Did you know that most make up has a life time of two years? It may be longer when stored in a cold place, but who’s bathroom is cold and dry? Expired make up can cause skin irritation because of the bacteria it collects over time. So ladies, let’s do a little spring cleaning of the expired makeup and invest in some beautiful spring colours!

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