What Is The #KCCreativeProject?

I know you have been seeing some interesting things on our Instagram, Twitter and SnapChats lately, and we have had a few people ask us what exactly this creative project is all about. Many steps have been involved in the process since we made the decision to leave Calgary. It is definitely not a situation where you wake up one day and decide to do something and everything happens in a few hours. We are very rooted in Calgary with both of our permanent jobs, our beloved house, my husband’s dream car and family, all of our friends, and much more. So there was a lot to consider, and corresponding long lists of “To Do’s” before we were ready to take off with only a few suitcases. Two each to be exact, and how we managed to pack so lightly we will tell you later!

From finding the perfect tenants for our home, to de-cluttering and cleaning the space – all had to happen while still working our regular jobs, getting KÖHLER CHARLES INC. ready for the #KCCreativProject and going to Toronto Fashion Week. Packing up our home – which we completely renovated and decorated ourselves – was definitely not an easy task but the thought of the adventure it allows us to go on is our biggest motivation.

During our last few Europe trips (including the recent one where we got married!) we had always played with the idea to one day make this place our home (for however long). From deciding where to go exactly, researching for the perfect place to stay (and not getting caught up in one of the many scams out there!!), we found a new home in Berlin. Super exciting for us as we were recently in the city for our Jack & Jill Stag. To us, Berlin seems to be the perfect mix of strict German-ness and a vibrant creative energy, and we plan on exploring much of Europe as well.

So we have resigned from our ‘regular’ day jobs and given up our comfortable home in the pursuit of fashion, travel and life in airports, train stations and hotels. To find out how things will actually go and what we will be up to, you can follow the entire journey on Instagram!

Most of all, this journey is in commemoration of all of you, our loyal readers. We hope that we can inspire you to seize the day, live you dreams, and live your best life. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

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