Investing In Your Next “It” Bag


As I am thinking about investing in a new bag, I realized that there are many things that I am considering in this process. I don’t buy a new bag every few months, so for me it is a BIG DEAL to splurge on a new designer bag, and I want to be really sure that I am making the right choice and the right purchase. There are so many beautiful bags out there, and as much as I want to buy them all plus get the most funky season specific ones, for now I will am still the girl who will opt for a timeless piece. All over the runways, in the boutiques and across social media, we get influenced to lust for different bags and get an idea of what is on trend. The current It-Bags of today range from very minimalist and chic; to simple with a twist and all the way to super funky and very detailed or embellished. All of these can be seen on your favourite fashionista’s feeds, or at Fashion Weeks around the world. Because all of this can be a bit overwhelming when deciding what to spend your hard earned money on, I have picked out my favourites in each of the major ‘Designer Handbag’ categories, including pieces that I am myself eyeing for my next big purchase.

Subtle & Chic

Clean lines and a minimalist look. This bag will go with mostly any outfit, and it can be a statement by adding colour. The Chloe Georgia is high on my watch list, my only deterrent is the very supple and soft leather which scratches up too fast. At the same time, it can give your bag a lot of character, so something to think about if that is what you like.

Solid Colour & Material

Solid colour but a hint of something. This can be a chain instead of a strap, laser cut details or stand out hardware – something special or a trademark of the brand. This style is great for someone who likes the branding to be more obvious. Popular brands are, of course, Chanel (Classic and Boy), Chloe (Faye, Drew and Marcie), Furla (Metropolis) and Gucci (Dionysus) and Sophie Hulme (Borsa).

Printed & Embellished

Super on trend for fall, and something I have seen at pretty much every Fashion Week, is the all embellished, painted or printed and patchwork bags. There is lots of this going on in the Houses of Valentino, Gucci and Chloe, who are taking this trend very seriously. These great bags come in all shades and colours and nothing is “too much”. Multi-colour patchwork by Chloe (Faye), patches, crystals and paint by Gucci (Dionysus, Bamboo Shoulder Bag) and crazy embellishments and paint for Valentino (Sac a Bandouliere). Gucci is even going as far as offering us a service to DIY our own bag with patches, choose the leathers etc, which you can read more about here. Furla has been doing a super cute pvc bag with patches for a mid-end option. All is possible and all is there. Our fall won’t be grey for sure!

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