What’s In My Bag: London Collections Men


This week is really a special one. We leave bright and early on Thursday morning to London for London Collections: Men, the bi-annual Men’s Fashion Week put on the British Fashion Council. I’m even more excited than usual because believe it or not, I have never actually been to London (only hung around Heathrow on a layover). Plus, I also get to celebrate my birthday there! Normally, we’re at home (wherever home might be!), but this year, the timing worked out perfectly for me to head to Londontown for both my birthday and Fashion Week! I am of course excited to explore all the sites, but also to see what the crazy talented and super visionary British designers will be showcasing at LMC this year.

One thing that I lot of you always ask us is how we survive the hectic schedule of travelling to a new city plus attending the circus that is Fashion Week – with shows, presentations, parties and re-sees. Well, one of the most important things for me is to pack a very strategic handbag. This way, I have all my essentials at my fingertips, allowing me to focus at what’s on hand: the fashion! Here is what I am packing in my bag for LCM:



Agenda: Kate Spade (here)
Battery Bank: (here)
Lip Care: Dior Tinted Lip Balm (here)
Sunglasses: Prada (here)
Snacks (Nuts, Rranola bar)

Water is a no-brainer but surprisingly easy to forget. We always remind each other to stay hydrated! The battery bank is probably one of the most important items for me; there have been too many times that I lost all my snaps or could not take pictures because the ‘wonderful’ iPhone batteries gives out on me. We survive (and thrive) on being prepared – this allows us to take everything in full swing, because as I’m sure most of you know, no amount of planning can help you prepare for the adventures and experiences to be had in a brand new city!


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