How to Dress For Your Next Meeting



This week has already had some very interesting updates – we received some anticipated emails and also awesome prospects. One of them was a meeting we have been anxiously waiting to have and the big question came next: WHAT TO WEAR?

Where do you cross the line and become too professional and don’t reflect your personal style anymore? Or what is too much that the person you are meeting with cannot stop thinking about that crazy outfit you are wearing and does not get to the meeting at all? We know that clothes are the conversation we have without speaking, and in meetings, many conversations are going on, both verbal and non-verbal.

I believe that everyone in the creative industry has had these types of thoughts in some shape or form. Social Media is accessible to everyone and the people you are meeting with have probably checked that out – so there should be no surprises on your style.

For all of those reasons, I kept it clean with a pair of pinstriped culottes, white long-short blouse and a white linen vest. The day was beautiful, so the sleeveless was acceptable for me. A bag that actually fits a notebook or iPad is also great! But of course, the single most important aspect of getting dressed (meeting or not!) is feeling comfortable in your own skin and having the confidence to match your major outfit. So be yourself in your clothes!





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