How To Microneedle Your Face At Home (with Video!)

How To Microneedle Your Face At Home (with Video!)

Skincare and maintaining a youthful glow is on top of my list of priorities (of course along with many other things!). I think it is very important to pay close attention to the products you use and procedures you are considering. I have tried countless facials and non-invasive laser procedures and love some of them, and didn’t like others so much. I stumbled upon Microneedling while spending some time on YouTube and got intrigued. I do need to say, I am not an esthetician or a skincare professional, I am just sharing something that I think is amazing for your skin, it is not expensive or time-consuming!

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How do you do it? The process is simple and that is why I love it! Wash your face with your regular face wash, then dab a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol all over your face to make sure it is free of bacteria (only do this if you know your skin can handle it!). Next, section your face into five parts, sterilize the Dermaroller, wash it with water, and start rolling. 10 times left to right, horizontal, vertical and then diagonal in both directions. Please watch my video before you try this yourself so you can see how it is done. I explain all the little Do & Dont's that are super important.

Since your skin is very open after the Microneedling process, it is the perfect time to treat it with a serum or your favorite most nourishing crème.

Using a Dermaroller - which has tiny needles - you make very small incisions into your skin! This may sound painful but it is not actually. This way your are speeding up the natural skin regeneration process where the body naturally rebuilds new skin cells in the small ‘poke’ you make with the Dermaroller. Imagine cutting your finger with a bread knife: the cut will heal over time and new skin will close it up again. The same process is Microneedling but of course on a much smaller scale. I love doing this in the evening, because as we all know our bodies can regenerate and rejuvenate best when we are sleeping.

What do you need to do Microneedling?
Not that much! You need a Dermaroller, some alcohol, cotton pads, a small dish and some water. The Dermaroller is available from many companies and websites, but I got mine from Amazon for less than 10 Euros / 15 Dollars.

MonMode, Mon Mode Blog, Blogger Berlin, Four Reasons Love Dubai, Travel, Middle East

I use a 0.5mm Dermaroller, which is great for home use. You also start with 0.25mm and work your way up to 1mm. Anything bigger than this should be done by a professional at a salon. I have gotten a few of my friends hooked on this and I cannot stop needling! Give it a try and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any more questions, leave me a comment below.