Fall In Love With Breakfast Bowls


Our morning essentials are usually a great cup of coffee, some fruit, yogurt and fresh baked goods from one of the countless bakeries in our area. This is delicious and fulfilling but we are getting tired of carbs much sooner than we thought. Buns, croissants, danishes and cakes are of course amazing – but eating it every day makes it nothing special anymore, and does not necessarily contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Our newest favorite is our breakfast bowls. These easy and nutritious creations keep breakfast interesting for the eyes and tummy. Super healthy ingredients such as chia seeds, coconut flakes, flax seeds and antioxidant rich fruits are amazing to add to your breakfast bowls and act as decor at the same time. Food just tastes so much better when it is pleasing to the eye, right?!

We have played around with a few of our own creations – get inspired to fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast bowl (which are a super easy on-the-go lunch as well!)

one | Greek Yogurt / Banana / Blueberries / Chocolate Cereal


two | Berry Smoothie / Coconut / Muesli


three | Chia Pudding / Apple / Flax


four | Quark / Chia / Cranberries / Hazelnuts / Almonds
Instead of Quark, which is not very common in North America, use Greek Yogurt


We hope you will be inspired to start of your day with one of these breakfast bowls.


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