EMS Workout Via Body InVest



One of the coolest things I got to try out in Toronto last week was this awesome new super efficient and incredibly effective workout. I stepped into the Body InVest Headquarters in downtown Toronto and the atmosphere was amazing – I was instantly brought back to my home of Germany. There, we met Markus Fritzinger, an expert in “EMS” training and also the one who has fought to bring this system to the Canadian market. He himself started using the EMS systems over 10 years ago after committing to a lifestyle change. He got tired of lifting weights at the gym and wanted something more effective and rewarding. After seeing amazing improvements in his own overall health condition and muscle mass, he commits to spreading the word about EMS.

So, what exactly is EMS?

The EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation workout, has been all the rage overseas for years. In Germany, this type of workout has long been popular among the general population, and is also highly favoured amongst athletes and celebrities. And now, this type of training is finally available in Canada! The most appealing aspect of EMS is, of course, the lesser time commitment compared to the gym, workout classes or yoga. While EMS is ideally done 1 – 2 time per week for 20 minutes (!!), other workouts require way more time and more preparation prior and post session. Markus recommends one session at least 3 – 4 times per week for optimal results.

How does EMS work?

After putting on the pants and top provided by Body InVest, the patented wired vest (which is moistened using a special gel spray) is put on the body. This vest has electro fields which are activated on certain muscle groups. In just 20 minutes, you are able to do a number of exercises like squats and planks while the electro muscular stimulation is activated, all under the direct supervision of a certified trainer. The trainer is there to guide your workout, and also manipulate the electronic impulses. This stimulation is comparable to when you are lifting weights or doing cardio. It seems super easy during the workout, but I am telling you, go slow because your muscles are working like crazy and you will be able to feel it the next day (I know I did!). Depending if you would like to grow muscle mass or lean out your body, the personal trainer will adjust the exercises during the session based on your own personal needs. Markus mentioned that its possible to burn up to 500 calories in one twenty minute session.



What do you need to bring?

Literally nothing. Well, a good attitude and the willingness to push yourself. This isn’t a “easy” approach to working out or getting your body right. Its efficient and effective, but not easy. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to worry about gym clothes or mats or towels. The special garments worn underneath the body vests are provided so it is a super easy way (and mega convenient!) way to work out.

So, what are my thoughts?

In a word: WOW! I don’t think I could find a more faster or targeted workout anywhere! I didn’t feel tired after the workout; actually I was ready to continue my day (and Fashion Week!) with energy. Only on the second and third day my muscles started to feel sore, so for anyone who would like to try EMS, I would recommend to take it slow. This is a great way to get in shape or maintain your body for anyone who doesn’t have much time for the gym or would like to squeeze in a workout during lunch time. Since you don’t need to bring anything with you, it is a great for those who dislike preparation or make excuses because to themselves like “I didn’t bring my gym bag today” or my husband’s favourite “wanna lay around and watch Netflix?”. Seriously, it was not a hard workout but based on the soreness of my muscles after, I can tell that the electronic stimulation did its part and it did it well!



How much is an EMS session?

Body InVest has a great introductory package for $149 CAD for 3 sessions. Any other session is $90. It is a financial commitment for sure, but EMS is surely an efficient, sustainable and effective way to maintain a healthy body for those with a busy schedule (which is pretty much all of us!). Each session comes with the services of personal trainer as well and some bangin’ music to get you feeling right! For more information, drop a line to Markus Fritzinger by clicking here and tell them @Mon_Mode sent ya!

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