DIY: Frayed Denim Love


The cropped denim trend is definitely back, but to keep it interesting a little frayed look is now the FASHION MUST HAVE of the season. It is all over Instagram, Tumblr, etc. and I am loving it! But I haven’t been able to find a white pair of the frayed beauties anywhere without having to spend a ton of money!

Most of us have old denim laying around, which made me think: why not make them myself? Because we just recently relocating to Berlin, I don’t really have any “old” clothes with me (because why would I pack those? Haha). However, a small thrift shop near our studio initially got this idea churning in my head. For those who know me, I am pretty crafty and have a ton of confidence in making things myself. I struck gold with these 3 Euro pair of “old” jeans and of course after thoroughly washing them here is what I did to achieve the perfect cropped, frayed jean of the season:


Try on the jeans and measure who cropped you want them. Be sure not to make them too short to avoid the 90s capri-look. Also keep in mind that you want to fray about 3-4 cm (or 1.5 inches).



two / Fray Away

This took a little playing around of what is the most efficient way. Cutting vertically along the inside seam of the pant (about 3 – 4 cm) first, and then fraying away on the horizontal thread was the fasted way. Do this on all four parts (front & back on each leg).




three / Rub It

Once you have frayed all areas, just rub the thread between your hands – kind of like creating thread locks… this may sound funny, but it totally works.


four / Ta-Da!

Here you have yourself a super trendy cropped, frayed pair of Denim. The awesome thing is, you can use any color of denim you like. Most frayed/fringe jeans I found online was simply blue denim.



If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will definitely respond – otherwise have fun!


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