London: Collecting Memories, Roses and Giant Balloons



When we decided to go to London Collections Mens, we were so so excited to have the opportunity to be in the middle of all things Fashion. It turned out that LCM started right on my birthday, which I also happen to share with the Queen of England’s 90th Birthday Weekend. So, with this many things going on in London for us, we just ecstatic to get here.

My birthday morning today started with a wonderful breakfast, and a very special video which featured messages filled with love and birthday greetings from around the world (you can view the video here!). Shortly after this, these 3-feet tall balloons (which almost lifted me off the ground!) and a stunning hat box filled with thirty white roses from Lola Flower Boutique were delivered to our hotel. I have to say, this totally felt like a dream! To capture these moments forever, Jeremiah had arranged for a little photo shoot in Hyde Park before the next adventure of the day.


The most special Afternoon Tea at the Savoy topped a wonderful day with amazing treats and delicacy specialties. Read more about our Afternoon Tea experience here. It was here that Jeremiah surprised me with a beautiful book; “Thirty Things I Love About You” which featured photos printed from my Mon_Mode Instagram account! A tea length skirt and nude and white Lulus dress/slip was my perfect birthday outfit to do all of these variety of things today, including attend two Fashion Week presentations. The absolute perfect way to spend my very special birthday in a very cool city with an amazing husband.

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