Bye Berlin, Hello Toronto!

Last week it was time to say "Auf Wiedersehen" to Berlin and pack our things to get ready to move to Toronto. It was a plan a few months in the making, and as a very exciting opportunity presented itself in Toronto, the decision was made: We are going to Canada! A new city, a new adventure.

The packing process was tough, every time I move, I rid myself and my closet of many pieces (which I will probably miss the next week!) and all together with five suitcases between my husband and I, we moved our life to Toronto! Watch the full Youtube video and be prepared to laugh at our "re-packing session" at London Gatewick! Well, what can you do if you have different luggage restrictions with the two different airlines you fly with?!

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So what is to come in the next few weeks?

APARTMENT / There are many things on the list of course, but first things first: apartment hunting! I am so excited to find our new home. I love interior design so this is going to be fun!

A TRIP / A short trip to Germany is on the agenda at the end of the month. I will be taking you with me via IG stories, of course!

EXPLORING / I have never spent an extensive amount of time in Toronto, so some exploring is definitely on the list! Some awesome events have already brought me to some amazing places like the Distillery District and the Lavelle Rooftop (with pool!!) but I know that Toronto has endless exciting things to offer.

EXCITEMENT / Just tonight I will be attending an event hosted by the Beckmann Twins (!!) for a brand that is famous for their small t-blue boxes! Ahhhh...

I will keep you posted via YouTube of course. Wish us luck in finding the perfect home!