Berlin Neighborhood Exploring







Berlin is a city with so much to offer and explore. Usually when we travel we visit some of the main attractions and we are quickly off to the next city. This time we are enjoying actually exploring our neighborhood, which is one of 12 districts in Berlin. To add to the learning curve, each district is subdivided into many other “Kiez”. Our district “Mitte” – which means Center – is divided into six more Kiez. We call Gesundbrunnen our home for now. I like the name itself, it means Fountain of Health – what better starting point can we ask for for our #KCCreativeProject?

While setting up our studio, going for many strolls and shoots, grocery shopping and our morning runs, we are starting to get to know our area a lot better and are finding wonderful spots for coffee, to eat, to buy flowers and just to hang out. We came across this awesome bridge on our way to the grocery store which was put first on our list of shooting locations. We later learned that the Swinemuender Bruecke was built from 1902 to 1905 and is also called “Miliionenbruecke”, which means Million Bridge because it cost one million Marks (currency before the Euro) to finish construction. Its seems each piece of architecture has a story here.

Berlin seems to have endless attractions, trendy bars and historic monuments and many trips throughout the city will keep revealing more of its beauty to us, and of course to you, as we share our experience right here!


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Jeans: Lucky brand (similar here)
Top: Kerrisma (similar here)
Vest: Primark (similar here)
Sandals: Design Lab (here)