Berlin is Brunchin’

Now you all know that my husband and I have a little bit of a brunch addiciton, right (ahem, hello #KCBrunchDiaries), and so naturally we had to make our rounds here in Germany’s capital. I am sharing my top picks that you must try!


The most popular juice-miox is the “Spreegold-Special” containing carrots, beetroot, ginger, apple and a shot of fresh pressed orange juice.

With three locations throughout Berlin, we stayed in our neighborhood right in Mitte, between Haeckischer Markt and Alexanderplatz, where one of the little Spreegold stores is located. Besides yummy dishes for Lunch and dinner, it serves what we are looking for, the beloved Brunch! From Muesli over Pancakes with Maple syrup to wonderful breakfast sandwiches – this place wont disappoint. Super amazing also, they roast their own coffee ad the food is prepared not only with love but also without any kind of additives, LOVE it!

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The culinary concept follows the footsteps of its Brooklyn location and has numerous Japanese influences: comfort food with organic, local ingredients, freshly prepared with Japanese flavors whenever possible.

Isn’t the name itself so cute? House of small wonders, so let’s see the small wonders that are being created! Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with an exquisite twist of japanese cuisine but also a traditionaal Advo-Sandwich with scrambeled egg. Not only the food impresses here but also the interior of the little restaurant with its winding staircase. A super cool location for an event as well!

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Sourcing the finest ingredients and using them in classic combinations.

Located in Friedrichhain, this place will not disappoint anyone. From hip, super healthy Chia pudding to backed french toast and bacon and poached eggs….there is something for every taste bud and every level of healthy. The rustic feel of the aged wooden tables and carefully crafted food arrangements make for excellent Insta-updates!


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An intimate, rustic, candle lit bar with a lively, sexy atmosphere.

Geist Im Glas or “Ghost in the glass/cup” is a small, and kind of dark restaurant in Neukoelln – one of the most hip areas in Berlin right now.The restaurant opens its patio area onto the street and the atmosphere is just as hip and trendy as you can imagine. Its specialties are pancakes with nut butter, biscuits and gravy and amazing egg dishes which are to die for. A must try in Berlin!


“Farm House charm with a breeze of California”
For a real treat that is hearty, healthy and a simple gift to the eye – try Roamers. Another great place in Neukoelln with a rustic and woody feel. The dishes are made with attention to detail and interesting tastes. Much love for avocado and rustic bread, but what would you say about a bacon Bloody Mary?!

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