Venturing into West Berlin



After setting up a bit more of our life here and exploring some of what our neighborhood has to offer, we are venturing out to other parts of the city today. If you follow me on Snapchat (Mon_Mode), you already know that we have discovered a way to rent bikes for our commutes – I will share more about this later, because renting bikes in Berlin is not as easy as in other cities – unless you want to pay €12,00 per day! I think that this option is more for bike tour purposes, and not really for getting to a place and doing your thing there and then going to the next place. So a full breakdown of our “Berlin Bike Rental” will be discussed in detail later. I am enjoying getting to know the areas via bike tracks, sidewalks and the roads. The public transit system is amazing here but since it is most convenient for us to take the U-Banh (Underground Metro/Subway), we would not be able to see any of the city on our journey. It is definitely an option though to travel quickly and of course if you need to go to a place quite far away.


Today though, our agenda will be Galleria Lafayette Berlin (yes, there is one in Berlin!), Brandenburger Tor and the shopping paradise Kurfuerstendamm – and whatever surprises we find along the way! We have been spending most of our time in the “Old East” of Berlin, so today we get to pass the Mauer and go into the Western part of the city. We will definitely report back about the differences we notice and our impressions from the city that used to be two.


We have been working away on our laptops in the studio here, so today we get to just explore and be travelers. Stay tuned for an update on our excursion of “West Berlin” and of course our new #KCin100 which will feature all of the details and more – published on YouTube this Sunday!


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