Weekly Update #12: Be Your Best Self

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We all struggle some days to be the best version of ourselves because our mind is somewhere else, we just had a bad experience, a disagreement with the partner or a friend or simply we are just not focused on the situation. From a young age, I have heard from the adults around me "treat other in the way you want to treated" and I still live by this today. I believe making a conscious effort to be the person that you want to be, is essential to true happiness. Some simple steps to being your best self:


1 | Greet the people around you, people you see every day maybe your neighbor, someone of the subway etc.
2 | Tell your family and partner you love them
3 | Bring people together and be the person who creates the bond
4 | Listen to what people have to say & ask them how they are doing
5 | Offer help whenever you feel it is necessary
6 | Apologize if you were wrong (we cannot be right all the time, and that's fine!)
7 | Prep your meals and eat healthily
8 | work out to feel confident and energetic
9 | Share your success and celebrate it with the important people in your life
10| Let new friends in and share your aura
11| Smile! It makes you happy and the people around you
12| Don't find excuses, find the root problem and deal with it
13| Don't lie. The truth is always better!
14| Gossip? Not a nice thing!
15| Try something new, and you will be a changed person!

These beautiful pictures were taken at the beautiful Bulova Rubiayat Collection Launch. An event so stunning and watches even more breathtaking. It is exactly these events that we need to be our best selves!

MonMode | Toronto Fashion Blogger | Toronto Blogger | be your best self

Simple steps that we can take every single day to become a better version of ourselves can be easy when it is on top of your mind! Life gets busy, but we only have this one life to be the person we want to be. If you are looking back at situations that you are not necessarily proud of (and I think we can all relate to that), then it is time to make a bit more of a conscious effort to be better, and we can! I try every day to be the best version of myself, and that means being selfless sometimes, but I just want there to be more love and less hate around us. We all can start with ourselves first!